Bike-Safely-After-Using-Marijuana Can You Ride a Bike Safely After Using Marijuana?
Published: 02 June 2019

According to, smoking marijuana helps them to feel more connected with nature and that they are more willing to do outdoor activities. Biking, the most popular outdoor activity for those who have just taken cannabis is widely known as “stoned cycling”. It has actually sparked the interest of researchers to study if being under the influence of marijuana increases the risk of accidents during physical activities such as biking.

According to recent experiments conducted in Germany with the participation of the Australian government, the conclusion is an astounding “no”. It turns out that biking can be safely done even after using marijuana variants like CBD oil. The participants of the study were 14 different bike riders who need to go through a specifically designed obstacle course. The first part of the experiment is conducted with the participant sober or substance free. For the second part, the participant will have to smoke one, two, and three joints. Each performance is then analyzed closely. The full study can be read in the International Journal of Legal Medicine.


All of the 14 participants were self-declared long-term marijuana users. As long-term users, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive agent of cannabis, affects them differently compared to non-users. This is because the substance tolerance of a marijuana user is higher than those who do not take it. For the study, the researchers let the participants were given a dose of 300 micrograms of THC per kilogram of body weight. The cannabis used was grown by a Dutch farmer who is authorized to provide the marijuana products for research purposes conducted for the German government.

Once a participant is done biking while sober, he is asked to inhale a joint for four seconds, to hold their breath for about 10 seconds, then to release their breath for 15 seconds. After this step, the participant is asked to go through the biking obstacle and each mistake done is recorded. Some of the factors that the researches considered are swerving, knocking off barrels, slowing down at green lights, and still biking even at red lights.


After the study, the researchers noted that there was almost no coordinative mistake for the participants even under high THC concentration doses. There were only a few driving disturbance for those who had very high concentrations of THC.


A study conducted in 2009 in New York City showed that one out of five cyclists who had fatal accidents was under the influence of alcohol. The study, however, stressed that the cause of the accident leading to their death was not solely because of alcohol. The New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene director, Catherine Stayton, pointed out to The New York Times magazine that it is important for drivers, specifically bikers and cyclists, to be sober when driving around the city. She stressed that everyone needs to be alert and focused while on the road because it will be their best protection against any danger.

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