Motorcycles-Safer High-Tech Ways to Make Motorcycles Safer?
Published: 12 Sep 2019

Today’s generation is filled with smart gadgets with smart controls and purposes; all of which are carefully developed and produced by biotech entrepreneurs. Biotech entrepreneurs from Lindsay Rosenwald are the ones responsible for creating existing innovative products for various purposes.

To be a biotech entrepreneur means to scrutinize an item’s existing controls and address issues that it currently has. There are a lot of smart gadgets today that we owe to the creativity and flexibility of these biotech entrepreneurs. These include smart phones, smart homes, smart TV, smart cars, etc.

While we’re on a roll, why don’t we make motorcycles smart too?

Fortunately, the biotech entrepreneurs already thought about that too.

In this article, we’ll give you some of the technological advancements currently developed for motorcycles.

Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication

This is the greatest proposal for motorcycle innovation. This will be called  V2V technology. This is where the motorcycle can communicate with other vehicles on the road. This technology alerts other drivers on the road nearby. . This helps drivers be more alert while driving and expect incoming vehicles. Although this has not yet been developed, this will be a great help for solving problems of today’s traffic system.

Tire Pressure Monitors

Have you ever been in one of those long cycle rides and your tire just pops,leaving you helpless in the middle of the road? Good thing today we already have Electronic Tire Pressure Monitors. This handy technology alerts the driver if the tire pressures are low and when it is already time to pump them. This Electronic Tire Pressure Monitors help lessen accidents and gives off a guarantee hassle-free ride.

Air-Bag Clothing

This one is not actually an innovation to the motorcycle itself but for the motorcycle rider. Airbag clothing in the form of suits, jackets, vests and pants are quite similar to the airbag of a car. The primary purpose of this innovation is to promote rider safety and accident awareness to the whole cycling community. Air-bag clothing has been used in races, exhibitions and riding shows worldwide for quite some time now and is still widely used today.


Adaptive headlights are also one of today’s motorcycle innovations. This is to address the issue with the lighting system of a motorcycle. Traditional motorcycle lights are usually small, dim, and can only lighten up narrow areas. Adaptive headlights are hanging lights that may rotate in different directions. This feature gives it the ability to spread light to a wider area and thus cover a larger space of the road.

Braking Systems

The anti-lock braking system is one of the best innovations ever developed for motorcycles. This uses a technology which measures the inertia of the cycle’s movement and prevents the locking of brakes and internal motors. It helps prevent accidents and is best for newbie cyclers.

There are a lot of accidents associated with motorcycle riding every single day. Maybe, embracing these new innovations of today’s high technology generation may lessen such accidents. They may even improve the current transportation quality.

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