Motorcycle-Fairings Motorcycle Fairings: What's the Difference Between Compression and Injection Molding?
Published: 12 July 2019

If you are a motorcycle owner, perhaps you are thinking of upgrading its parts. Like other owners, upgrading the motorcycle parts benefits their own comfort as a rider. Meanwhile, some owners do such a thing for styling purposes. Regardless of the reasons, you must check out injection molding cost estimator because motorcycle parts such as fairings are important to be considered.

Motorcycle fairings are not only for the appearance of the motorcycle. They are also beneficial for the safety of the rider. In upgrading them, knowledge about fairings is very important. That’s why before you get one, know first what their importance is and learn the different methods in making motorcycle fairings.

Importance of Motorcycle Fairings

Having a little background of motorcycle fairings might lead to accidents. That is why it is important to know the following so that you can appreciate their usage, thus allowing you to use them properly:

Reduces Air Drag

Motorcycle fairings help reduce air drag. This is actually the primary purpose of them, especially for sportbikes and racing motorcycles. Without fairings, accidents and unnerving experiences may happen to the riders.

Protects the Rider

The next importance of fairings is that they help protect the riders from any airborne hazards. With the help of motorcycle fairings, you’re lessening your chances of getting hypothermia. These can also serve as a windshield, making them excellent additions to your motorcycle.

Lessens Aerodynamic Drag

Reducing the aerodynamic drag is also beneficial. This is because it can significantly reduce your fuel consumption.

Increases Engine’s Life

Like what we have mentioned, motorcycle fairings are excellent in aiding the reduction of fuel consumptions. Thus, you’re eventually increasing your engine’s life as fairings permit your motorcycle to run at higher speeds at lower engine rpm.

Methods in Making the Motorcycle Fairings

As time goes by, designs of motorcycle fairings have improved, from changing their whole design and structure up to make them more stylish and comfortable for the riders.

Today, motorcycle fairings can be made by using the two methods – compression and Injection molding. It is important to distinguish their differences to avoid confusion in changing your motorcycle fairings.

Compression Molding

This first method is the manual way of molding the fairings. Using the compression molding, they pour the pre-heated plastic in a heated mold. Then, compression will be used as the mold cools down. To end the process, excess plastics will be removed, and the workers will do the fastening or drilling of the holes.

Pros: This method is commended for high-volumes and complicated molding.

Cons: Fitting-related problems can occur because of the different pressures and the manual processes being used.

Injection Molding

Meanwhile, this second method injects the melted ABS plastic to the mold. As it cools down, the pressure is being used to help the plastic be formed into the mold. The process ends as the plastic hardens into the desired shape.

Pros: This method produces uniform pieces and fairings because of the process’ uniformity.

Cons: It costs more money and time.


Indeed, motorcycle fairings are very important not only for the motorcycle’s style but also for the rider’s safety. By distinguishing the features of the two methods – compression molding and injection molding, it is now easy to have an effective decision when you’re planning to change your motorcycle fairings. Be wise in choosing while considering your style and your safety!

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