Charity-Bike-Ride-or-Sportive Steps in Organizing a Charity Bike Ride or Sportive
Published: 22 Dec 2019

Organizing events like events company Manchester is a very tiring and time-consuming task a person can do, yet it can also be a very fulfilling task when done with a meaningful purpose.

More and more people are encouraged to be bike riders due to its benefits for the environment and for the rider’s physical aspect.

Organizing events like cycling to raise funds for charity requires a lot of planning and manpower to make it a successful one.

Here are some tips in organizing events:

  • Make a plan. Try to visualize the activity that you are going to organize. Make a list of everything that you need to prepare. Measure the involvement of people in your event. See to it that your staffs are enough to accommodate all the participants.
  • Task delegation. Assign personnel for different tasks that you identify. This may include the following:
  • Communication. Assign personnel to send letters to proper authorities to inform them about your cycling event. Cycling involves a route for the riders so you should secure permission to the authorities in the area. They can also give assistance during the event. See to it that you will send the letter ahead of time so that the authorities can also prepare.
  • Preparation for something unexpected. Accidents can happen anytime without warning and your cycling event is not an exemption to that. Consider taking an insurance plan to protect everyone that is involved in the event.
  • Budget Allocation. Organizing events cannot carry out all of its tasks if there’s no fund available. List down all the materials that you will need, persons needed to be paid and all other small expenses. From that, you can now estimate the registration fee from the participants to cover the expenses and gain profit for the charity. You may also look for partners or sponsors like local businesses.
  • Advertisement. To gain participants of the event, you must inform the public. You may use different platforms to inform everyone. You may use social media, posters, flyers, and magazines or newspapers. See to it that all the details needed are included. You may also seek partnership with local businesses and the involvement of local personalities to encourage participants.
  • Ensuring safety. Assess the route to take and determine the hazards. You may put up signage or assign marshals to warn bikers of potential harm. Prepare first aid kits, standby an ambulance, and see to it that medical personnel or first aiders are ready to respond.
  • Personal necessities. There should be some stops for water and food since cycling is a bit tiring. Toilets should also be put up.
  • Keep everyone informed. Have a briefing with all the staff before the event. Brief also the participants for them to be guided throughout the event.
  • Profit. The cycling event is meant to raise funds for something helpful. Inform the participants of the purpose of the event and see to it that they are enjoying the event while helping others.

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