Carrying-Stuff-On-Motorcycle Tips on Carrying Stuff On A Motorcycle
Published: 16 December 2018

Most people underestimate motorcycles’ carrying ability, but there are actually a variety of ways to carry promotional tote bags using a motorcycle. When contemplating what to carry, all you need to consider is the space you need as a rider and the area you need to move freely so as you can comfortably control the motorbike. Once you work on those two areas, you can carry any type of luggage you want. Read below to know more tips on carrying stuff on a motorcycle.

Use Rear Seat Bags

This is one of the most common choices for many who often travel alone. Most bikes have rear-seat haulers to ease this process and make travel more convenient. Rear seat bags are also ideal if you’re traveling long-term and carrying a lot as they can handle heavy weight and your motorcycle’s rear seat can also support the weight.

Use Backpacks

Backpacks are convenient when you plan on covering short distances. They are mostly used by bikers who use their motorcycle for everyday use as they can carry basic necessities such as a jacket, laptop, or vital documents. Backpacks, however, do not offer a lot of storage space, so they may not be ideal for long trips.

Use Hard Saddlebags

Hard saddlebags are hard bags meant to provide protection to delicate stuff such as a camera or computer hard disks. They offer quality protection compared to other types of bag. Although they are a little bit expensive, they can offer incredible benefits of protection for your valuable, fragile items. They are made of hard materials, and they are securely locked, so your items are completely safe inside. You also don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet during rain as the bag is completely concealed. For riders who spend long hours on the road, saddlebags made of aluminum or composite panniers are a wonderful choice.

Use Soft Saddlebags Or All-In-One Bags

These bags are way lighter than hard saddlebags. Hence, they do not add much weight to your bike. This helps you maneuver swiftly while driving on the road and aids greatly when you are lane-splitting on a busy traffic.

These bags, however, are made of fabric, and they’re not waterproof, so you might not want to choose these types of bag if you plan to go on a place on its wet seasons. The major advantage of these types of luggage bags is that you can transfer them from one bike to another with a lot of ease since they do not require any specific mounting hardware.

Use Dry Luggage Bags

Dry luggage bags shine in muddy and water crossing situations, so they can ensure your items stay clean, dry and in order by successfully keeping water, mud, and dust out. Plus, they are easy to clean, durable and efficient for use all year round. 

Use Tote Bags For Extra Storage

And if you need extra storage, custom tote bags are an ideal choice. They are lightweight, so you can easily keep them inside your bag in case you need to use them for extra storage purposes.

Your luggage should be the last thing to stop you from getting that road trip that you’ve always wanted to do. Follow the tips above to easily choose the best luggage choice that suits your needs.

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