Insurance for Classic Motorbike An Owner's Guide for Veteran, Vintage, and Classic Motorcycle Insurance
Published: 10th September 2018

Owning a motorcycle or scooter can be a hobby. It is also something that you can use for special occasions, more so if what you have is nothing more special than a veteran a vintage, or a classic. A veteran is a vehicle made prior to 1919. A vintage, on the other hand, is made between 1919 and 1930, while a classic has an age of 15 years old or a bit older. Nevertheless, whether you have a veteran, a vintage, or a classic, we, at Ken's Yamaha can help you choose the best offer against theft, fire, flood, and accidental damage.

Insurance for your motorcycle is not very different from the cheapest homeowners insurance, both offer the consumer peace of mind. You can use the details below for more information on motorcycle insurance.

Veteran, Vintage, or Classic Motorcycle Coverage

Filing and processing a claim for your veteran, vintage, or classic motorcycle is easy and hassle-free with our assistance. Dial 207-743-8256 and we will make sure to assist you in every way that we can. As a way of showing our appreciation to you, we also offer a lifetime guarantee on the repairs that our insurance partners authorize.

How to File a Veteran, Vintage, or Classic Motorcycle Insurance Claim

Feel free to call your insurance broker or Ken's Yamaha at 207-743-8256 and give the following information:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your Veteran, Vintage, or Classic Motorcycle Insurance policy number
  • Driver's license (This is important, especially if another person was driving the vehicle during the incident.)
  • The other vehicle owner's driver's license (only if applicable)
  • The Police Report and/or Police report number (only if applicable)

Once your claim has been accepted:

  • Your insurer will provide you with the claim reference number and will let you know if you will have to pay an excess amount from what is covered.
  • If a repair is needed, a quotation needs to be obtained. A Ken's Yamaha Insurance Claims Assessor will assist you in ascertaining the repair work that your motorcycle needs. Once you have the quotation on hand, you may proceed to forward it to your insurer's Claims Department together with the photos of the damaged parts or vehicle.
  • Your insurer's Claims Assessor will assess if an inspection is still needed and how the claims can be settled;
  • Ken's Yamaha can make towing arrangements for your motorcycle if needed.

For more details on filing an insurance claim for your Veteran, Vintage, and Classic motorcycles, please contact your insurer anytime.  You can also call on us for assistance.

Paying for Excess

When making a claim, an excess may be paid to either us or the insurer. Our Assessor will let you know if you need to pay for any. For more information on excesses, read the policy information provided by your insurer.

Remember that it is better to be prepared and protect the things that are valuable to us. For the best quality coverage and service, Ken's Yamaha is here to support you 24/7.

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