Motorcycle Business Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Motorcycle Business
Published: 19th October 2018

Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms. With 800 million users and a huge number of influencers, it is no doubt one of the best social media platforms for business, particularly for motorcycle businesses. Actually, all types of businesses can make the most of Instagram.  

If you happen to be interested in using Instagram as a part of your social media marketing, here is how you do it.

Switch your Instagram Account to a Business Account

Before making any plans for social media marketing, you need to switch your personal account to a business account. This will ensure that you are more protected against any Instagram hack.  To do this, tap the settings icon in your Instagram profile, then you will be redirected to the “Options” page.  Scroll down on that page, then choose “Switch to Business Account”.

Switching to a business account has several benefits.  Your business profile can help you create and publish Instagram ads without using Facebook advertising tools. It helps you reach the right audience for your business. The business profile is also equipped with a tool called Insight. Insight is an analytical tool that will provide you with the statistics and impressions of your post. Apart from that, it also has track metrics to help you examine and understand your audience.

After this, make sure to keep your Instagram Account Security update. In this way, you can avoid hacking and identity theft in the cyber world.

Use Relevant Photos, Videos, and Interactive Hashtags

When creating Instagram posts, make sure to use media that are relevant to the products that you are offering. It helps you set the right expectations with your audience. Aside from that, it gives them an idea of what kind of services you offer.

Interactive hashtags are also important. It helps you get faster engagement with the users. Several companies are using interactive hashtags to promote their brand and products. These hashtags are user-friendly. They allow customers to tag the company and use these hashtags whenever they post relevant posts with regard to your brand. Moreover, these hashtags make it easier for users to search images that are related to your company.  

Form Partnerships with Influencers

Influencers have a massive following. There are a lot of popular motorcycle enthusiasts including celebrities and bloggers that you can tap. This following can help you get a better audience reach through shares and hashtag searches. Thus, create a better conversion of customers. Furthermore, you will also be able to help build a brand identity with the help of an influencer.  When choosing an influencer, make sure that he or she is relevant to your products and services. That way, you will be able to create a stronger brand reputation and better conversion rates in the future.

Schedule Posting and Avoid Over-posting

Scheduled posting is very important in social media marketing. These posts help your audience and customers become up-to-date on the new products and services that you offer. Scheduled posts are often done on a daily basis. These posts should be posted on the peak hours.

Another tip that you should also remember is avoid over-posting. Over-posting can easily make your audience feel bored when all they can see is your brand.


Instagram Marketing is indeed one of the best ways of introducing your motorcycle products and services to the world. It has better engagement and conversion rates and also targets the best audience for your company.  Create yours now and enjoy better business with Instagram!

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